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              來源:http://www.kecengkeh.net/ 日期:2024-01-22


              Control of raw materials




              Strictly control the gradation of crushed stones to ensure the stability of raw materials. It is best to use a fixed mountain factory and a fixed sieve size for crushed stones. It is recommended that the mountain crusher use sieve sizes of 35mm, 22mm, and 6mm. The crushing value of crushed stone is ≤ 30%, and the sulfate content is<0.25%.



              水泥應采用初凝時間3小時以上和終凝時間較長(宜在6小時以上)的水泥,不得使用快硬水泥、早強水泥和受潮變質的水泥,宜采用標號32.5#,經檢驗安定性合格的水泥。 若采用散裝水泥,散裝水泥進場入罐時,出爐天數大于7天,且安定性滿足要求;入罐溫度不高于50℃,若高于50℃必須使用時,應采取降溫措施。

              Cement should be used with an initial setting time of more than 3 hours and a longer final setting time (preferably more than 6 hours). Fast hardening cement, early strength cement, and cement that has deteriorated due to moisture should not be used. Cement with a grade of 32.5 # and passing the stability test should be used. If bulk cement is used, when the bulk cement enters the tank, the number of days it is discharged from the furnace is greater than 7 days, and its stability meets the requirements; The temperature inside the tank shall not exceed 50 ℃. If it exceeds 50 ℃ and must be used, cooling measures shall be taken.


              Fly ash

              粉煤灰中SiO2 .Al2O3 和Fe2O3 的總含量應大于70%,燒失量小于20%,比表面積大于2500cm2 ∕g(或90%通過0.3mm篩孔,

              SiO2 in fly ash The total content of Al2O3 and Fe2O3 should be greater than 70%, the loss on ignition should be less than 20%, and the specific surface area should be greater than 2500cm2/g (or 90% through a 0.3mm sieve),

              通過0.075mm篩孔)。對于濕粉煤灰其含水量不超過35%,含水量過大時,粉煤灰易凝聚成團,造成拌和困難。如進場含水量偏大,可采用打堆、翻曬等措施,降低含水量。 1.4水

              Passing through a 0.075mm sieve. For wet fly ash, its moisture content does not exceed 35%. When the moisture content is too high, fly ash is prone to agglomerate, causing mixing difficulties. If the moisture content on site is too high, measures such as stacking and flipping can be taken to reduce the moisture content. 1.4 Water


              All drinking water can be used.


              Mix composition design


              When designing the composition of the mixture, the proportion of crushed stone synthesis should be determined first, and the external ratio of cement and fly ash should be used.


              Determine the optimal moisture content and maximum dry density of the mixture.


              Prepare unconfined compressive strength specimens based on the optimal moisture content and maximum dry density of the mixture, and maintain moisture for 6 days at the specified temperature. After 24 hours of immersion, conduct unconfined compressive strength tests. The representative value of unconfined compressive strength should be greater than or equal to 4MPA. It is strictly prohibited to increase the dosage of cement to improve



              Unconfined compressive strength, as a large amount of cement can easily cause non load cracks such as dryness and thermal shrinkage in the pavement base layer; The mix design of the S323TA1 section of Xuhai Highway fully considers this and uses 1% fly ash instead of cement to reduce the shrinkage of the structural layer.


              Verify the maximum dry density of the mixture based on trial mixing, compaction tests, and trial laying, and ultimately determine the maximum dry density and optimal moisture content.


              Key points for quality control of cement stabilized crushed stone construction


              Key points of quality control during the construction process


              Quality control during the mixing process


              (1) A mixer with a production capacity greater than 400T/H should be equipped. The mixer should have at least five feeding hoppers, and should be equipped with two 50T cement tanks or one 80-100T cement tank, as well as a large capacity water storage tank. All hoppers, water tanks, and cement tanks should be equipped with high-precision electronic meters and calibrated by qualified metrology departments before use.

              (2)工程技術人員應在每天開始拌和前,檢查料場內各材料的含水量,計算當天的施工配合比,外加水與天然含水量之和要比含水量略高,并根據天氣、氣溫、早中晚等具體因素適時調整加水量。 (3)必須專設工程技術人員對混合料進行檢測和控制,拌和過程中每小時少檢查一次混合料的含水量、水泥劑量(特殊情況隨時檢查)。每個工作日上、下午少檢查一次混合料的級配,出現問題及時向技術負責人匯報,不得擅自處理。

              (2) Engineering and technical personnel should check the moisture content of each material in the material yard before starting mixing every day, calculate the construction mix ratio for that day, and adjust the water content in a timely manner based on specific factors such as weather, temperature, morning, middle, and evening. The sum of external water and natural water content should be slightly higher than the optimal water content. (3) Special engineering and technical personnel must be assigned to inspect and control the mixture. During the mixing process, the moisture content and cement dosage of the mixture must be checked at least once an hour (special circumstances can be checked at any time). Check the gradation of the mixture at least once every working day in the morning and afternoon, and report any problems to the technical manager in a timely manner. Unauthorized handling is not allowed.


              (4) In order to effectively control the moisture content and cement dosage of the mixture during the mixing process, a dedicated person is designated at the mixing tank to observe the color of the mixture and the cement cutting situation, ensuring accurate moisture content and cement dosage. It is strictly prohibited to transport unqualified mixtures to the paving site.


              (5) The person in charge of the mixing plant and the person in charge of the paving site should maintain contact and keep each other informed of their operation status at any time, so that the other party can take corresponding measures.


              (6) Assign a dedicated person to record the mixing time and factory delivery time of each vehicle's materials, which will serve as the basis for front-end material collection and paving


              Quality control during transportation


              (1) The vehicles transporting the mixture should use heavy-duty dump trucks, and the quantity should meet the construction requirements to ensure the continuity and uniformity of mixing and paving.


              (2) Vehicles transporting mixtures should be equipped with canvas or colored cloth covering the mixture, and it is strictly prohibited for the mixture to be exposed to sunlight. When receiving materials, the vehicle should move forward and backward to avoid segregation of the mixture.


              (3) Preventive measures should be taken to promptly deal with anchored vehicles, ensuring that the transport vehicles are in good condition. The mixture should be transported to the paving site in a timely, safe, and rapid manner. If the transportation time exceeds 30 minutes, it should be treated as waste


              Quality control during the paving process


              Before paving the cement stabilized crushed stone base, the soft soil, floating soil, accumulated water, etc. inside the working surface should be cleaned up, and the surface inside the working surface should be moistened with water.

              檢查攤鋪機各部分運轉情況,確保攤鋪機處于良好狀態。 (3)根據攤鋪計劃提前做好路肩培土,并設專人維持交通,確保交通。

              Check the operation of each part of the paver to ensure that it is in good condition. (3) According to the paving plan, prepare the shoulder soil in advance and assign a dedicated person to maintain traffic to ensure traffic safety.


              When paving, two pavers with the same function should be used for staggered paving, and the distance between the two pavers during staggered operation should be 5-8 meters. For non super high road sections, the edge should be paved first. The first paver should use steel wires on the edge and a moving beam in the middle. The second paver should use the already paved cement stabilized crushed stone base in the middle and steel wires on the edge. The two pavers should coordinate their operations at an equal speed, with consistent paving thickness, loose paving coefficient, vibration frequency, and travel speed. Reasonably control the paving speed (when one 400t/h mixer is operating, the speed is 1.1m/min). The paving site should strictly prevent the phenomenon of "vehicle machine interaction": that is, the compaction of the already laid section should not be affected by the paving machine and other transportation vehicles; Vehicles should not be left idle for a long time to increase the delay time for paving, and the front and rear fields should coordinate operations and keep pace with each other


              During the paving process, the thickness and elevation of the base layer should be strictly controlled to ensure that the cross slope meets the design requirements. In order to ensure the smoothness of the paving, the paver should strictly follow the paving speed determined by the test road and continuously pave at a uniform speed. It is strictly prohibited to fast and slow at one time.


              A dedicated person shall record the pile number at the beginning of each vehicle's material paving, the starting time of paving, the pile number at the end of paving, and the end time of paving, and record the time when the paving machine stops paving.


              The on-site construction personnel carefully inspect the uniformity of the paving and promptly deal with local honeycomb phenomena.


              After the completion of construction every day, the work joints shall be treated by direct rolling after being neat and using a cutting machine to cut them even during construction, and a dedicated person shall be arranged to bury the marked piles for the work joints.


              This article is supported by Jinan cement stabilized crushed stone technology. For more detailed and exciting content, please click on our website http://www.kecengkeh.net We will wholeheartedly provide you with satisfactory service.

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