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              來源:http://www.kecengkeh.net/ 日期:2022-03-21
              Construction machinery: before construction, the matching condition, performance and measurement accuracy of mixing plant and asphalt pavement construction machinery and equipment shall be checked. Before mixing, pay special attention to the accuracy of the electronic scale in the asphalt mixing plant. So as to ensure the proportioning accuracy of aggregate, powder, asphalt and other materials.
              Asphalt pavement construction in Chang'an Binhai Bay New Area
              Trial paving of test section
              The test section shall be paved before the construction of the surface course of high-grade highway. The length of the test section shall be determined according to the purpose of the experiment, preferably 100 ~ 200m. The test section should be paved on a straight line.
              During the paving process of the test section, careful records and analysis shall be made to directly obtain first-hand construction data. When constructing on the formal road section, the construction shall be carried out according to the test data obtained during the construction of the test section.
              The construction stage includes: mixing, transportation, paving, joint treatment and rolling of asphalt concrete mixture.
              Mixing: the asphalt mixture must be mixed by mixing machinery in the asphalt mixing plant. Batch mixer or continuous mixer can be used for mixing. When the engineering materials are supplied from multiple sources or the quality is unstable, the continuous mixer should not be used.
              Transportation: the mixture is transported by dump truck with large tonnage. When discharging materials from the mixer to the truck, move the truck position for each bucket of mixture to reduce the segregation of coarse and fine aggregates. During transportation, the tarpaulin shall be covered for thermal insulation, rainproof and pollution prevention. The amount of asphalt mixture transport vehicle shall be more than the mixing capacity or paving speed to ensure the continuous paving of the paver. Pay attention to the distance between the unloading and the paver to prevent collision with the paver or falling outside the paver, resulting in uneven paving and affecting the flatness of the road.
              Paving: the mixture can be paved after the prime coat, tack coat and lower seal coat are spread on the qualified base course according to the regulations. First, carry out construction setting out. The accurate construction setting out shall avoid the severe influence of the reference steel line, and the longitudinal spacing of the steel pillars shall not be too large, generally 5 ~ 10m, and shall be tightened with a wire tightener. At the same time, the monitoring shall be strengthened to prevent the disturbance of on-site personnel from causing the fluctuation of paving surface. Before paving, the column, cross slope, thickness and other indicators shall be checked in time, and the problems found shall be handled in time.
              The paving speed of the paver is uniform and uninterrupted, so as to reduce waves and construction joints. The tester shall detect the proportion and asphalt content of the finished material at any time, feed back to the mixing plant in time and adjust it in time. Special personnel shall be assigned to eliminate the segregation of coarse and fine aggregates. If coarse aggregate pits are found, they shall be removed and filled with new materials. This work must be carried out before rolling, and it is strictly prohibited to level with the thin-layer patching method, so as to prevent the patching layer from falling off and crushing during use, resulting in the displacement and fracture of the surface layer.
              Rolling: ensuring that the pavement reaches the designed compactness and good flatness is the main work goal of asphalt pavement paving and rolling stage. To achieve this goal, the key is to make the asphalt mixture roll at an appropriate temperature. In particular, the initial pressing stage shall be completed in a short time at a higher temperature within the temperature range required by the specification as far as possible. This requires that in the construction organization, the workload of mixer and paver in unit time must be matched, that is, the mixing volume is slightly greater than the paving volume, so that the mixture paving can be carried out under the condition of slow, uniform and continuous, and the mixture can be paved and pressed at the same time.
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